Helping You Through A Major Responsibility

As you age, your structured commitments and responsibilities begin to lessen. You retire, your kids move out of the house and your time and freedom increase. With this freedom, there is one responsibility that must be taken care of, and that is your estate plan. Preparing for the future will ease the burden you place on your loved ones, and will ensure that all of your wishes are met. Additionally, if your loved one's health is deteriorating, it is time to establish a long-term care plan.

In situations like these, you need a lawyer you can trust, and will be with you from start to finish.

Compassionate And Experienced Legal Service

I am Valorie Joy Promisel, Attorney at Law, and I provide legal assistance to those in need of services related to elder law and special needs, particularly estate plans and long-term care planning. With 25 years of practice and a dedication to my clients, you can be sure of my compassion, experience and trust as I assist you and your loved ones in making these sometimes difficult arrangements. I help clients of all ages, and I am also ready to help clients who have special needs.

I take a personal approach with my clients, leading with compassion and trust with every one of my clients and their families. My office is warm and inviting, and I am more than ready to make home and hospital visits, as well as complete emergency work as necessary. I am here for my clients at every step — as is necessary with anything concerning elder law and special needs. I will lead you through estate planning, medicaid and long-term care planning with confidence and ease.